Autumn / Fall Halloween Update

Autumn / Fall Halloween Update

Autumn is my favourite time of year! The orange and red glow of the trees really brings a spectacular landscape to England, paired with pumpkins, hot chocolate, rainy walks and of course HALLOWEEN! I'm sure lots of you can agree there's a very special beauty about Autumn. 

I recently moved to a small suburb of the UK, a little market town. It's so wonderful to see the people here celebrating Halloween how I have always dreamed to. Houses are decorated, top to bottom, pumpkins carved and children everywhere are getting ready for Trick or Treat! I myself will be hosting a Halloween House warming party, but I want to know what you will be doing this spooky season?

I've been wondering around my new town showing off my coffin jewellery to the locals, my current favourite is the Gold plated black Onyx which is one of the latest designs in store. I also LOVE the little Stage Beetle earrings, that fit just as if you have it crawling up your ear! 

Halloween is just around the corner, I've made it super easy for you to find our best Halloween picks at the top of our home page. Whether you want something for a lavish Halloween costume or everyday spooky wear we have you covered!


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