• Black Onyx Coffin Ring

    The opulent Onyx Coffin Ring radiates a beautifully gothic allure, a statement piece tailored for aficionados of macabre jewelry. Crafted with a Sterling Silver mount, this embodies the pinnacle of gothic elegance.

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  • Mausoleum

    Inspired by the Sedlec Ossuary, adorned with a luxurious 15x20mm Amethyst, two broken skulls and a unique vertebrae claw settings, all crafted from 925 sterling silver. A true statement piece!

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  • Eve ~ Moonstone

    This expertly crafted Tibetan moonstone ring features Sterling Silver 925 and a stunning Rainbow Moonstone. Designed with a wire wrap technique, this ring is solidly cast to prevent unraveling.

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  • Fossilised Coral Earrings

    These gorgeous fossilised coral, perfectly preserved the flower formations of coral. Fossilised coral is Carbon dated to 100,000 up to 25 million years old, making this piece an extremely unique and special prehistoric treasure.

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Experience the allure of gothic luxury with Luna Lux's stunning jewellery collection. Founded on the belief that jewellery should inspire and empower, Luna Lux combines the dark beauty of gothic design with the opulence of luxury jewellery.

Drawing inspiration from art, architecture, and mythology, Luna Lux's designers create pieces that are both striking and meaningful. Each piece is crafted from premium materials, including sterling silver and rich gemstones, and features intricate details, such as filigree and skull motifs.

Whether you're looking for a statement necklace that turns heads or a pair of earrings that exude sophistication, Luna Lux has something for you.

Step into the world of Luna Lux and experience luxury jewellery that inspires and empowers. Visit our website to explore our stunning collection today.

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